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Smithereenes(The Process)

Like many of the branding projects I start, I first ask the client questions in order to know their brand a lot more. While they pitched me 'cute and quirky,' the challenge was to also keep it 'serious' as they also have charitable motivations. With these 3 aspects in mind, I came up with moodboards that expressed these qualities but approached them in various degrees. Back to Overview


Branding & Identity
Web Design

Smithereenes moodboard 1
Smithereenes moodboard 2
Smithereenes moodboard 3

After the client gravitated towards a board that they saw reflected their personality and identity, I started the sketch process, still keeping in mind their qualities and key words that fit their brand.

smithereenes illustrated cards
smithereenes illustrated cards

I ultimately presented three logos, which all had potential in their own right...

Smithereenes logo version1
Smithereenes logo version2
Smithereenes logo version3

With only a few adjustments and some further type exploration, we settled on a final design and lockup for the logo, as well as expanded colors, typography, textures, and patterns to further drive their brand and identity...

smithereenes final designs
smithereenes final designs