After asking the client about the audience, the kind of product he wanted to offer, etc. I proceeded to research on different treatments that express the qualities of the brand. I decided upon the concept of going back to basics, and following a tradition and time where hand-crafted goods were commonplace in America. Before starting any sketches, I wanted to 'paint a picture' for the client using mood imagery that I thought would evoke that similar brand sentiment. Back to Overview


Branding & Identity

B Glaze moodboard 1
B Glaze moodboard 2
B Glaze moodboard 3

Once the client agreed on the angle of the brand, I began rounds and rounds of sketches, pulling influence and inspiration where I could...

bglaze sketches
bglaze small sketches

I was ulitmately influenced by the hand-painted advertising signs, also known as 'ghost signs,' which were common in America around the late 1890's to mid 1960's.

B Glaze inspiration
bglaze small inspiration