Audible(The Work)

Whispersync for Voice is Audible's technology where the audiobook recording follows or 'syncs' between a user's tablet and mobile device, keeping track of where the user last read their book or listened to their audiobook. My team was tasked with calling out this feature within Audible's product detail page, namely it's 'Thank You' page on mobile device. Back to Overview

Pain Points/Challenges

  • Add the 'Add Audio' upsell button to the 'Thank You' Page.
  • The upsell button being too far 'below the fold.'
  • To consider if 'badging' narration was necessary for better recognizabilty
Audible device

Other Considerations

  • To update designs with new Amazon button UI patterns.
  • Adding a 'call to action' where the user can immediately start reading their newly purchased book(via app).

Previous UX/design explorations which did not test positively...

smithereenes illustrated cards
  • Main 'call to action' button is below the fold.
  • Audiobook cover too big, and dominates the design.
smithereenes illustrated cards
  • When treated as an expandable 'drawer,' the 'call to action' button is also below the fold.
smithereenes illustrated cards
  • Lack of a cover loses audiobook discoverability
smithereenes illustrated cards
  • Book cover pushes down the widget too far down.
  • Badging and button is still too dominant.

Final Designs

  • Main CTA button injected into the design and remains above the fold.
  • 'Add Audio' upsell widget also remains above the fold. Copy only has the headline and author info.
  • Audiobook cover used for better visability and association with the product.
final audible design


  • Increased Audible's discoverability and experience within Kindle and Amazon.
  • Contributed to 32% growth in attach rate.
  • This additional touchpoint helped to bring in 1.61M Audible units worldwide/year(it was also part of the the UK, German, and Australian marketplace).